Android Automotive navigation

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In car and on the phone Electrical Vehicle navigation

Select your vehicle and preferences to personalize your navigation route. ElectricRoutes will constantly adjust your route according to your vehicle’s state of charge and surrounding environment conditions.

Prepare your trip via desktop

If you want to plan ahead or you manage a fleet, check out our web planner on your laptop or tablet. Even from your couch or office, we will find the perfect route for your car.

Navigation with API first approach

ElectricRoutes evolving range of APIs can help your business enrich your services in the fleet. You can integrate your services and fleet offerings in the API of ElectricRoutes.

Navigate from A to B with the right charging

ElectricRoutes calculates your perfect route with the ideal charging stops to guarantee a smooth journey to your destination.

ElectricRoutes offers one of the best-in-class whitelabel EV routing solutions for Android Automotive

P3 brought together their domain experts with strong expertise in the field of electric mobility, energy and software development to found ElectricRoutes as a showroom and digital playground to bring digital innovations in the energy and e-mobility industry to life.

By combining a sophisticated route planning algorithm with an extensive consumption and charging data model, as well as adding a unique user experience on top.

ElectricRoutes provides users with a seamless and hassle-free experience around their electric vehicles. Say goodbye to range anxiety and welcome the future of electric mobility solutions: Your personal EV travel companion you do not want to miss anymore!

Key benefits:

  • Fast and reliable route calculation
  • Wide range of supported electric vehicles
  • Customize your trip by adding stopovers
  • Set individual charging preferences

ElectricRoutes now brings their much-loved mobile and web application to the car, enabling users to plan, follow and update their EV trips with just a tap of a button and without interacting with their phone while in the car.

Alongside their B2C solution, ElectricRoutes also offers a wide range of B2B and fleet functionalities to provide business partners ready-to-use building blocks for their future EV solutions. Their modules range from white-labeled frontends over software-as-a-service offerings to a complete energy and electric mobility software stack which can be used as a foundation to build customized software solutions.

With ElectricRoutes we demonstrate our overall strength as an innovation power house. We understand the market, anticipate market trends, and have the capabilities to not only develop unique software solutions enabling us and our customers to analyse and describe future innovations but also to bring them to life. That’s why we and our customers are always at least one step ahead of the competition.

Sebastian Gieschen
P3 digital services, Partner

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