Android Automotive Over-the-Air-Updates

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SPARQ OTA keeps your vehicles up-to-date

With SPARQ OTA you achieve the easiest and the fastest way to keep your vehicles safe and up to date, by just activating our over-the-air update remote service for firmware.

Cyber security

Safety first. To ensure that only updates from trusted sources can be installed, Android OS signing keys are used to protect your releases. Fulfil all requirements to ensure all FOTA updates are legally compliant for all US/EU vehicles.

Planned updates & delta updates

Updates can be distributed to the selected devices according to a specific schedule. In order to speed up the download and reduce the data volume, incremental (F)OTA updates contain only changes since the last update.

OTA benefits for Android Automotive

All smartphone owners already take advantage of OTA updates (Over-The-Air updates). With just a few clicks, the device is up to date and this method of updating is indispensable for the Vehicles of the future. OTA updates reduce costs in the long run and the driver experience is constantly improved over the life cycle.

For this, we provide all the necessary components as well as the infrastructure to create and make the updates available depending on the region, model, or other preferences. OTA Updates can easily be managed, prepared and deployed with our Cloud Platform for developers and product managers which has an CI/CD pipeline with in its infrastructure to directly push Updates to SPARQ servers.

Safety First. We make sure that everything runs smoothly with the updates. In addition to existing security standards such as custom signing certificates, each update package goes through integrity and consistency monitoring. Over an encrypted connection the updates are downloaded and additionally checked that the binaries are unchanged to provide additional security, fast testing and development of features.

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