SPARQ Companion

Enhancing in-vehicle infotainment with smartphone integration

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Bi-directional interaction between the IVI and your personal smartphone

This is your smart driving companion that helps you stay focused, connected, and entertained. With a simplified interface, you can visualize all vehicle information, control vehicle functions, manage updates, and use navigation while you are on the road.

Plan your road in advance

You can easily send destination details from the app companion to the car’s navigation system. Your journey will constantly adjust according to your vehicle’s state of charge and surrounding environmental conditions. Just enter your destination, and the best suggestions will be shown.

Revolutionizing car companionship with virtual assistant

The integration of ChatGPT™ transforms the interaction between owners and their vehicles by offering a personal AI assistant directly within the companion app. Jane, the virtual assitant, enables a conversational experience that is both engaging and informative, capable of answering general knowledge questions, addressing specific EV-related inquiries, and providing maintenance reminders or warnings.

Update your system and be ready to go

The software update center includes already installed updates, error messages, upcoming updates, information about the content of the updates, and the current software versions of the vehicle. This is available directly on your smartphone, just one tap away.

Download any app remotely from your smartphone

You decide, manage, and control which applications are available in your custom vehicle app store directly from your smartphone. Explore the apps from the SPARQ store anytime and anywhere, and install your chosen applications remotely through the companion app.

Car management at your fingertips

Manage your car effortlessly with real-time status updates, vehicle information, maintenance reminders, and driving analytics. Stay secure with personalized settings and advanced security features like geofencing alerts and theft alarm notifications. Enhance your driving experience by configuring your own preferences, all in one app.

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