Meet Jane: Voice Personal Assistant

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Introducing Jane, Your Voice Companion

Unlock a new era of convenience and safety on the road with Jane. More than just a voice in your vehicle, Jane is an intuitive co-pilot offering hands-free control, navigation support and personalized assistance for a safe journey. 

Safety on the Move

Keep your eyes on the road. Drive focused, knowing Jane handles everything with a simple voice command. You can seamlessly control car functions, adjust the temperature instantly, or change the music at any time.  

Voice Your Travel Destination 

Now it’s easier than ever to explore the world. Just tell where you want to go, and Jane will show you the route. No worries about missing anything while on the road. You will receive recommendations for restaurants, museums, tourist attractions, or anything you need.  

SPARQ's Self-Learning HMI Personal Assistant!

Jane continuously learns driver patterns and preferences, providing constant suggestions for an enhanced, heavily personalized experience. It currently focuses on daily navigation patterns, music suggestions, combinations of ambient temperature and external weather, turning on the massage seat of a tired driver and much more.

The integration of ChatGPT™ transforms the interactions between the driver and the vehicle. As an extension to Jane, it brings an additional layer of knowledge directly into motion. Now the driver can receive personalized advice, recommendations, and improvements to every journey. 


With cars becoming supercomputers on wheels, the future of travel is defined by innovation and comfort. Our VPA was designed and crafted to meet consumer needs. It aims to enhance the driving experience, ensuring safe and more convenient travel through voice interactions.

Rediscover the joy of driving!

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