Android Automotive Infotainment System

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Android Automotive HMI

Customized for each OEM vehicle

SPARQ provides a turnkey infotainment solution for Android Automotive OS with a short development time and lower investment costs. SPARQ OS comes with appstore, FOTA, and navigation out-of-the-box.

OEM Customisable Appstore

White label Appstore for AAOS

With the SPARQ store, the vehicle OEMs have complete control over the distribution and availability of applications and services based on region, market, vehicle brand, and vehicle type.

Interested in the SPARQ OTA?

SPARQ OTA updates your vehicle firmware

With SPARQ OTA, you achieve the easiest and the fastest way to keep your vehicles safe and up to date by just activating our over-the-air update remote service for firmware.

In-vehicle navigation with charging stops

ElectricRoutes calculates the perfect navigation route with the ideal charging stops to guarantee a smooth journey to your destination using the SOC.

Android Automotive Ecosystem

Automotive Partners

Explore our current partner ecosystem, or join us to help make it even stronger. Deploy validated Android Automotive solution for entertainment, games, parking, charging etc

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