Android Automotive Infotainment System

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Customized for each OEM vehicle

SPARQ provides a turnkey infotainment solution for Android Automotive OS with a short development time and lower investment costs. SPARQ OS comes with appstore, FOTA, and navigation out-of-the-box.

In-vehicle navigation with charging stops

ElectricRoutes calculates the perfect navigation route with the ideal charging stops to guarantee a smooth journey to your destination using the SOC.

SPARQ in 3 steps

  1. Choose the operating system and hardware
    SPARQ OS controls all functions of the vehicle from a hardware-agnostic Software Defined Vehicle architecture. Choose your hardware from our SoC partners and automotive silver boxes.
  2. Choose your services
    Android Automotive does not provide services like appstore or navigation system, but SPARQ OS does!
  3. Customize the HMI
    SPARQ OS will reflect the OEM brand identity and interaction and integrates with all the other vehicle systems flawlessly.

Why should I use SPARQ OS ?


Based on the intelligent system, the vehicle and the consumer grow together. The intelligent system serves to understand the user, adapt to his needs and learn.

For example, in winter, your customer wants to use a cozy and warm vehicle. With our technology, you can quickly meet the needs of your customers: the vehicle learns when your customer normally drives to work and preheats automatically. This is just one of many benefits of an intelligent car bundled with SPARQ OS.

SPARQ OS is open for new innovations, you do not receive a black-box but rather a co-development implementation platform.


One of the reasons why we use Android Automotive OS is that it is very customizable. So SPARQ OS is not a solution for one vehicle only but for all brands, vehicles, and variants for an OEM. The system is so flexible that it fits into any screen and can be customized with specific characteristics of your brand. We provide it quickly, and it is adapted to your needs.


Part of the outstanding features of SPARQ OS is sustainability because choosing SPARQ OS is a decision for always up-to-date solutions via OTA updates.

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