• P3’s pioneering in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform SPARQ OS is now fully integrated with ZBOX.9 IVI domain controller from ZBO Electronics
  • New end-to-end solution meets market need for a complete hardware-plus-software IVI solution, and is set to enable vehicle manufacturers everywhere to bring new products to market faster and more cost effectively
  • Joint solution will be demonstrated for the first time at HMI Europe 2024 June 26-28, 2024, Berlin on P3 booth No. 8


Stuttgart, Germany and Timișoara, Romania – 21 June, 2024P3 digital services, a technology leader in In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), announces a new partnership and technical pre-integration with ZBO Electronics, provider of modular electronic hardware systems for automotive applications.

P3’s flagship infotainment platform SPARQ OS is now fully integrated with ZBOX.9, ZBO Electronics’ IVI domain controller hardware platform. The partners co-created the resultant new end-to-end solution to satisfy the market’s pressing need for a pre-integrated complete hardware+software IVI solution. The new joint offering is set to revolutionize OEMs’ capacity to swiftly introduce their innovative vehicles to the global market.

At the heart of the SPARQ-integrated ZBOX.9 platform is a powerful infotainment SoC (system-on-chip) with board support package (BSP) from processor provider SemiDrive Technology. The SemiDrive device’s high power and its inherent automotive-centric design are among the benefits that make the new integrated solution ideal for OEMs seeking a proven and flexible foundation on which to deliver their infotainment services.

Like SPARQ OS, ZBO Electronics’ platform is driven by Android Automotive OS, the fastest growing IVI operating system in the world today.

The partners aim for this pre-integrated Android-based platform is to ease the process for OEMs to introduce IVI by providing a pre-integrated technology solution that delivers a high degree of flexibility for the automaker to deliver the right services within the right user experience. Meanwhile carmakers gain the opportunity to save millions in development costs, benefit from accelerated time-to-market, with minimized technology risk.

Customers will benefit from the latest Android Automotive OS, Android 14. The solution’s novel modularized approach means that carmakers can deliver customized, branded IVI systems by selecting from among an array a functionality and service components.

This collaboration also brings together the partners’ respective automotive industry expertise. P3 has over 28 years’ experience in crafting highly functional infotainment platforms based on Android Automotive. Meanwhile the principals of ZBOE can leverage decades of designing and delivering infotainment systems and other customized electronics for high-end automotive projects.

It is by embracing Android that we are really taking a step forward for OEMs. With Android and open-source technologies infusing our collaborative offering, we’re able to provide vehicle manufacturers an IVI platform that is highly functional, flexible and modular, as well as cost- and resource-efficient.

Laurențiu Mihai
Co-founder & CEO of ZBO Electronics

There’s a very real need for an all-in pre-integrated platform for infotainment, and with this collaboration we’re satisfying that requirement with a powerful solution. The partnership and integration of P3 and ZBO Electronics technologies brings together our complementary software and hardware to create a complete, game-changing solution for carmakers that will enable them to bring their new products onto the marketplace more rapidly and cost-effectively.

Marius Mailat
CTO & Managing Director of P3 digital services

NOTE TO EDITORS: for a 1:1 briefing and demo at CAR.HMI Europe 2024 June 26-28, 2024, Hotel Titanic Chaussee, Berlin, booth No. 8, please book a meeting here.


About ZBO Electronics

ZBO Electronics is an automotive electronics company offering innovative modular electronic hardware for automotive applications. ZBO partners with automotive software companies to offer complete end-to-end solutions to automotive OEMs enabling the Software Defined Vehicle. As well as offering customized peripherals such as displays and cameras, our product portfolio includes domain and extended domain controllers, and in future will include cross-domain controllers and Ethernet switches. By making off-the-shelf modules readily available to OEMs, huge cost savings can be achieved in vehicle development as well as in vehicle production, allowing our OEM customers to create unique in-vehicle experiences through software.


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