Detroit’s most famous for two things: the legendary hit factory that is Motown Records, and being the heart and soul of America’s car industry. It’s also the home of one of the automotive sector’s most influential events in the annual calendar, and P3 will be there. 

America’s leading automotive HMI & UX technical and design event, CAR HMI USA brings together more than 300 top industry experts and decision-makers to discuss a wide range of key topics. CAR.HMI USA takes place 6-8 December, 2023, at The Henry Hotel, Fairlane Plaza, 300 Town Center Drive, 48126 Dearborn, Michigan, just a 30-minute drive from Detroit.  

Among the broad range of subjects, attendees will explore Next-Gen Infotainment, and ask: What’s possible with IVI, and How are automotive interfaces evolving to meet the demands of next-gen infotainment systems? P3 will be on hand to help provide some answers.


What is Android Automotive?

Today’s users expect the intuitive and engaging experience of their smartphones to integrate seamlessly to their cars’ infotainment system. When entering the vehicle, they want to keep using their personal application ecosystem effortlessly. Responding to this demand has become possible thanks to Google’s Android Automotive OS.  

Android Automotive offers openness, customization, and scale to automotive infotainment systems and head units. Openness enables new efficiencies by providing basic automotive infotainment features in a free and open-source codebase.  

Customization means that OEMs can differentiate to suit their product and business strategies. Scale is achieved through Android’s common framework, language, and APIs, all of which enable reuse of development expertise and completed software from hundreds of thousands of Android developers worldwide.  

For a 1:1 meeting and demo with the SPARQ team, led by Marius Mailat, CTO P3 digital services, please don’t hesitate toschedule your meeting here. 

P3 is a proven leader in Android Automotive OS IVI.

Our SPARQ OS sets the standard for in-vehicle Infotainment based on Android Automotive OS, the world‘s fastest growing in-Vehicle infotainment operating system. It’s a revolutionary turnkey IVI solution that transforms the driving experience, elevating utility, safety and enjoyment for all of the vehicle’s passengers.  

SPARQ OS comprises an ever-evolving ecosystem of partners at pre-integrations. With enabling apps and services including Büyütech, VicOne, Vaisala Xweather, Profilence, MyScript, and Road.Travel, drivers and passengers benefit from elevated utility, efficiency safety and a superior user experience. 

But don’t just wait till you’ve “heard it on the grapevine”: Let’s meet up in Detroit to explore how leading edge in-vehicle infotainment can be a game-changer for OEMs, and for their customers.