Games debut on Android Automotive OS

Popular Famobi games are the latest addition to the fast-growing SPARQ IVI platform from P3

Trailblazing games producer Famobi has joined SPARQ OS, becoming the Android Automotive-powered system’s first third-party games partner.



Famobi’s premium HTML5 games deliver a superior user experience. Its cross-platform games are fully responsive, text-free and available in 3D. Famobi has created over 100 games for smartphones as well as Android Automotive infotainment systems.




With games that are used more than two million times daily, and aggregated two billion gameplays in total to date, its portfolio includes popular titles such as Om Nom Run and Words of Wonders, both in HTML5. In the automotive embedded IVI environment, users can enjoy Famobi’s diverse selection of games when parked, such as during a charging stop.




We’re excited to partner with P3 and expand our games’ reach via the SPARQ IVI ecosystem. We’re looking forward to giving more and more users the opportunity to enjoy our games while on the road, thanks to the increasing popularity of SPARQ.

Kevin Bernatek
Business Development Manager at Famobi

Famobi is a significant enhancement to the SPARQ platform, and we’re delighted to welcome our first specialist games provider partner. Now with Famobi’s games part of the SPARQ offering, users are benefitting from a richer array of entertainment choice, while OEMs gain a greater opportunity to differentiate by providing a wide-ranging and attractive in-car experience for consumers.

Marius Mailat
CTO & Managing Director of P3 digital services

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