End-to-end IVI solution with SPARQ OS and Automotive Infotainment Computer

Lantronix and P3 digital services co-create a pre-integrated hardware and software turnkey In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) platform.

Lantronix’s proven and popular embedded in-vehicle infotainment platform is now pre-integrated with SPARQ OS In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software platform created by P3 digital services. This collaboration between Lantronix and P3 provides numerous business enhancing advantages to automakers. The pre-integration of software and hardware speeds up time to market and reduces technology risks. Additionally, by leveraging proven and reliable technology interoperability, OEMs can save considerable engineering and management efforts. Consequently, automotive manufacturers can achieve resource efficiencies and extend cost savings to their customers.

Moreover, the automotive manufacturer can bring innovative new products to market sooner and start earning revenues through the IVI platform. Meanwhile, the OEM’s customers can be confident in a reliable, highly functional IVI platform with SPARQ OS as its foundation.

Lantronix’s pre-integrated Automotive Infotainment Computer (AIC) harnesses the power of the Qualcomm SA8155P processor, offering a cutting-edge automotive infotainment experience. This processor stands out in the industry for its high performance, tailored to deliver next-generation cockpit experiences.

The AIC utilizes a bare metal Type-1 hypervisor, enabling the deployment of multiple operating systems. These include QNX as the host OS, Android Automotive as the guest OS, and AutoSAR OS for ASIL-rated safety-critical applications running on the VIP. For further details on the AIC, please reach out to the Lantronix sales team.

SPARQ OS, developed by P3, is a dynamic IVI solution based on Android™ Automotive OS, currently one of the world’s fastest-growing in-vehicle operating systems. Its cockpit platform boasts a diverse app store with over 200 apps and services, offering features like smart navigation, digital voice assistants, charging capabilities, media streaming, and various entertainment options. SPARQ OS ensures always up-to-date functionality through fully automated over-the-air software and firmware updates, promoting sustainability.

Our partnership with P3 leverages the respective and complementary expertise of both parties. P3’s extensive experience in delivering reliable technology to drive its In-Vehicle Infotainment OS is the perfect match for Lantronix’s proven hardware with Qualcomm at the core.

Jacques Issa
VP of Marketing at Lantronix

Our collaborative Lantronix-P3 solution is a powerful example of a best-in-class turnkey system. This is a very exciting pre-integrated platform, and we very much look forward to enabling vehicle manufacturers and their customers to benefit.

Marius Mailat
CTO & Managing Director of P3 digital services

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