Curated road travel guides

Now integrated into SPARQ OS, Road.Travel makes the journey more interesting and enjoyable.

Android Automotive-powered SPARQ OS is now pre-integrated with the Road.Travel app, which delivers journey guidance and tourist information beyond what’s typically available with navigation systems. The app provides driver and passengers with an array of carefully curated information on local attractions and amenities that can enrich any journey.

It provides curated routes, and other useful information, all of which adapt to travellers’ needs. Road travel delivers multiple features and functionalities:

  • Travel comprises over 2,200 adaptive road trip guides in 57 countries.
  • The guides include detailed curated itineraries, places of interest, recommended locations to stay and eat, and other useful information.
  • Users can choose the destination based on their interest, actively selecting a road trip with places they want to see and learn about.
  • Alongside visual display of content, Road.Travel features voice narration which informs and entertains the vehicle’s occupants with live commentary on scenery, or historical landmarks and other attractions and amenities while en route.
  • Separately from ready-made routes, the app also gives the ability to explore touristic highlights around the vehicle’s location to discover new places and destinations.
  • Drivers of vehicles running SPARQ can browse, select and follow any of Road.Travel’s curated itineraries directly through their car navigation systems, bringing meaningful curated road trip content directly into the vehicle.

Road.Travel’s curated itineraries can integrate with any installed navigation app the user chooses. It currently works with ElectricRoutes and Sygic, both navigation systems within the ever-expanding SPARQ OS IVI.

We’re so excited to see Road.Travel now part of the fast-expanding SPARQ platform. P3 and Road.Travel share the vision and objective to transform the in-vehicle environment through technical innovation to make driving an experience of education and enjoyment, far beyond simply travelling from point A to point B.

Nikita Dedik
Founder and CEO Road.Travel

Road.Travel brings a particularly exciting aspect to any journey, and can make every trip more informative and enjoyable. We’re really excited to partner with Road.Travel to bring its compelling curated travel guides to our OEM customers, and enhance the driving experience for the people inside their vehicles.

Marius Mailat
CTO & Managing Director of P3 digital services


Road.Travel’s products have been adopted by a number of major automotive brands, including selected models from Audi, BMW, and Ford, as well as tourist marketing organizations such as Visit Dubai and Visit California.

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