First dedicated weather app for motorcyclists

P3 and Vaisala Xweather have created the first weather app specifically for motorcyclists.. This groundbreaking app gives riders essential weather information for their entire journey.

Riders gain granular understanding of weather conditions that’s continuous for the entire journey, not just point to point / city to city.

P3 designed and engineered the new app for a major international motorbike manufacturer, and it is currently being deployed.

The new app is the result of P3’s successful integration of Xweather APIs with Android Automotive OS. The new weather information application is now part of P3’s rapidly developing SPARQ OS IVI platform.



The app revolutionizes weather information for motorcyclists. I provides information that is highly granular, with riders in mind. In addition to temperatures and precipitation status and predictions, the app indicates wind velocity and intensity.

Uniquely, it gives the rider an understanding of weather conditions that’s continuous for the entire journey. This makes the app far more useful than otherwise possible with conventional weather apps which only provide sequential snapshot data that is point to point, town to town.

  • The motorcyclist receives a comprehensive and dynamic weather forecast with data describing conditions as they travel, from the start of their journey, uninterrupted until the destination is reached
  • The app captures average travelling speed and provides advice on dealing with surrounding conditions
  • Detailed information enabled by Xweather is particularly valuable to motorcyclists whose two-wheeled means of transport is more affected by weather conditions than fellow road users


We’re thrilled to collaborate with the infotainment experts at P3, and to be joining the SPARQ Android Automotive ecosystem. When it comes to delivering leading edge technology innovation, partnerships are key, and we’re immensely proud that our joint solution will be playing a big role in improving motorcycle travel for millions of riders around the world.

Ross Harrison
Strategic Partnerships & Account Executive at Xweather

It’s an honor to be chosen by a leading manufacturer to deliver a truly next-generation user experience to its motorbike rider customers. We’re also really excited to be partnering with Xweather on this ground-breaking project, one that is set to significantly enhance rider experience and safety.

Marius Mailat
CTO & Managing Director of P3 digital services

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